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Herbalife24 Prolong In Use At The Los Angeles Triathlon 2011

Herbalife24 has all the products you need to help you train for an compete in a triathlon. The range is customisable to suit your activity levels and training needs. How can this sports nutrition programme help me? Better recovery, better sleep, less flab, stronger muscles and more endurance. For example, Herbalife Formula 1 Sport as a pre-race meal and Herbalife Prolong taken during the race itself.

How to incorporate Herbalife24 into a Triathletes Diet?

Nutrition is vital to power your performance. Prolong’s dual-source blend of carbohydrates facilitates caloric utilisation for sustained performance. Whey protein acts as a protective measure, reducing muscle breakdown during prolonged exercise. Prolong is easy-to-drink with a light, subtle flavour.

Team Herbalife Cyclist Wins National Hill Climb Championships 2011

Team Herbalife Wheelbase cyclist Lynn Hamel wins the Lady’s National Hill Climb Championships. Riding the 4.4m course up Long Hill in Derbyshire it was the culmination of a season long effort for Lynn who won the event by 20 seconds.

Hamel, who rides for Team Herbalife wheelbase.co.uk, said: “My preparation for this year’s championship has been very different to other years due to the length and rather shallow gradient of Long Hill.”

Setting off from the line in sunny and mild conditions, but with a gusty head wind, Hamel recorded a time of 15.38.6, which bettered her previous best on the climb by 37 seconds and represented an impressive average speed of 16.99mph.

She added: “Back at the head quarters the feeling of elation was overwhelming as my last seven weeks of training and learning flashed before me.”

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Cycling Sports Nutrition | Success Stories

Many variables affect your training and performance. With Herbalife24, sports  nutrition is one aspect in your performance preparation your can trust, giving you the confidence it takes to be a 24-Hour Athlete.™

Cycling is demanding. You need to:

  • provide fuel for your muscles.
  • repair muscle and tissue damage.
  • replace lost electrolytes

This means you should be aiming to get enough nutrients in your diet to sustain you while cycling and to recover afterwards.
Cycling will feel easier so your fitness should increase faster…
Your recovery time will be cut so you can ride again sooner…

Herbalife 24 Prolong – This endurance drink has a subtle, easy-to-drink flavor, plus provides all the carbohydrates and
electrolytes your body needs to sustain during a race. And a small amount of protein which consuemd during exercise helps to prevent muscle breakdown and speeds recovery.