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Gerry Cody Podium Finish At Leadville Silver Rush

Racers from Herbalife24 Base Camp lined up with over 1,000 competitors for the grueling Leadville Silver Rush 50 mountain bike race.  It’s a race that has always been popular, but for the first time the Silver Rush 50 served as a qualifier for this year’s Leadville Trail 100.  With over 100 entry places into the Leadville 100 at stake, the field set a new record, and fast cyclists from all over the country were in place to try and earn their LT100 entry.

The Silver Rush 50 served as a nice fitness tune-up and self-evaluation waypoint as the team riders prepare for the Leadville Trail 100, which is now just three and a half weeks away. Team Herbalife24 riders from around the country and around the globe will be looking to earn the coveted silver belt buckle for a qualifying finish time.

The riders were refulling with Herbalife24 Prolong.

Gerry Cody moved up from approximately 8th position, including a daring pass in the final 200 meter sweeping downhill finishing shoot, to snare a podium finish in 3rd place overall and the #1 spot in the Open-Pro category.   Whitman had similar luck moving from approximately 15th place, to pass many riders and secure the final spot in the Top-10 for Herbalife24.

In Leadville this season?  Visit Herbalife24 Base Camp.

All athletes and supporters traveling to Leadville are invited to visit the Herbalife24 Base Camp (on 112 East 3rd Street) where they can sign-in to receive free product samples, water bottles, and T-shirts, and learn more about Herbalife24 Prolong, Rebuild, Hydrate, and all the scientifically formulated products in the Herbalife24 line of Performance Nutrition.

Inside Team Herbalife24 Basecamp

Check out the Herbalife24 Basecamp. If you’re looking for a group ride or some pro advice on the Leadville Trail 100, this is the place to be.

If you plan on being in Leadville anytime between now and race day on August 13, and you’re interested in finding out more about the Leadville 100’s official on-course endurance drink, make sure to stop by the Herbalife24 Basecamp, located just off the main drag on Third Street.

You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the Herbalife flags flying out front of an historic 1870s-era house. Inside, visitors have a chance to sample the entire Herbalife24 performance nutrition product line, including Prolong, which is specifically designed to sustain athletes during extended or intense exercise — like the Leadville 100.

Herbalife24 Prolong Sports Drink is the official on-course drink at Leadville. It has a subtle, easy-to-drink flavor, plus provides all the carbohydrates and electrolytes your body needs to sustain during a race like Leadville.