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Im Totally Going to Go Vegan This Year!

Do You Follow Lance On Twitter?!

Improving Cycling Performance

Lance Armstrong Coach Chris Carmichael discusses some of the key advancements in training, nutrition, and technology. How much has sports science improved cycling performance in the last 30 years?

Cycling Power to Weight Ratio

Lance Armstrong describes how he uses nutrition to shape his racing and training. How the power to weight ratio is important.  Every pound of extra body weight can make a huge impact over a 10 km climb.

Maintaining Ideal Body Weight For Cycling

Maintaining your ideal body weight is imperative for pro cyclists like Lance Armstrong. If you want to control your weight, take a tip from Lance and just step on your scale every day.

And ideally use body composition scales, so that you have other key measurments such as body fat%.

What other measurments can you take?

BMI – not so reliable for athletes as have more muscle than average

Resting and Active Metabolic Rate – how many calories do you burn at rest and how many based on the level of exercise.