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Road Racing Nutrition – Canadian Nationals

Ryan Roth wins Canadian road racing nationals! Great ride by the whole Team SpiderTech Powered by Herbalife24 Performance Nutrition against some tough WorldTour opposition.   David Boily and Hugo Houle 2nd and 3rd in the U23 category.

Team Herbalife and Leisure Lakes Bikes.com Enter 2012 Road Racing Season

Team Herbalife-Leisurelakesbikes.com will be entering the 2012 road racing season after a superb 2011 season, finishing 4th overall in the national rankings, ahead of many professional teams with much larger budgets.  Team Herbalife-Leisurelakesbikes.com will be competing in major events such as The Tour Series, The National Elite Circuit Series and of course The Premier Calendar road races.

For 2012 Team Herbalife Leisure Lakes Bikes.com will be using Herbalife 24 nutritional products for racing and training which provides a full complement of nutritional requirement for the competitive athlete around the clock. The Herbalife 24 programme provides the athlete with the right ingredients in the correct quantities, to train and recover, without becoming deplete of the essential macro nutrients . The Herbalife 24 products allow for training preparation, refuelling and electrolyte replacement whilst racing, to recovery and muscle repair post exercise. ‘Prolong’ has a revolutionary formula that eliminates the need for energy gels and reduces muscle breakdown during prolonged periods of exercise.

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Cycling Sports Nutrition | Success Stories

Many variables affect your training and performance. With Herbalife24, sports  nutrition is one aspect in your performance preparation your can trust, giving you the confidence it takes to be a 24-Hour Athlete.™

Cycling is demanding. You need to:

  • provide fuel for your muscles.
  • repair muscle and tissue damage.
  • replace lost electrolytes

This means you should be aiming to get enough nutrients in your diet to sustain you while cycling and to recover afterwards.
Cycling will feel easier so your fitness should increase faster…
Your recovery time will be cut so you can ride again sooner…

Herbalife 24 Prolong – This endurance drink has a subtle, easy-to-drink flavor, plus provides all the carbohydrates and
electrolytes your body needs to sustain during a race. And a small amount of protein which consuemd during exercise helps to prevent muscle breakdown and speeds recovery.

Nutrition For Cycling

Dr. Heiss is the director of Herbalife’s sports and fitness products for worldwide product marketing. As a category 2 competitive cyclist, Dr. John Heiss has a keen understanding of the nutrition required for cycling.  He has earned belt buckles at the Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race and set a course record in the 2-person division at the Furnace Creek 508 – a 508 mile non-stop bike race.

With his expertise, the company launched Herbalife24,  a new program of high-performance sports products. Before joining Herbalife, Heiss was the founder of an endurance sports nutritional company. He earned a Ph.D. from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in biological chemistry, where he discovered how single proteins function within cells. The findings from his research work have been published in several peer-reviewed journals.

Herbalife 24 Nutrition for Cycling