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Jamie Shirlaw Wins Sheffrec CC Spring Road Race.

Jamie Shirlaw is young British rider who loves cycling as an integral member of ‘Team Herbalife Leisure Lakes Bikes’. He’s got a string of strong UK wins behind him and he recently secured a triumphant first place in the Sheffrec CC Spring Road Race. 
Jamie is proof that success isn’t down to luck as he won this challenging South Yorkshire race last year too.

Working in harmony with his team, he jumped away from the main field early in the race, and managed to hold off the pack. With two laps to go, he was holding only 22” but he dug deep and his final sprint was beautifully timed. Proper fueling no doubt played a role in Jamie’s victory as riders in a breakaway can burn well over 1000 calories per hour, and without replacing those calories, that sort of effort is simply unsustainable.

The endurance needed to keep ahead of the pack and maintain his position throughout the race shows that Jamie’s one to watch in road racing.

Jamie Shirlaw -24 Hour Athlete – Fuelled by Herbalife 24 Prolong

Road Racing Cyclist Review Of Herbalife 24

“Throughout my cycling career I’ve used a wide range of energy and recovery products from a variety of manufacturers. I can safely say that the Herbalife 24Nutrition range is the best I’ve used, by a significant margin. The range covers all bases for riding, recovering and even healthy snacks and meal substitutes.”

The Herbalife 24 range, everything the athlete needs in the course of a day. Hey, is that why it’s called 24?

A typical training ride for me is somewhere between three and five hours so I start my day with a bowl of porridge supplemented with a few scoops of the Herbalife Formula 1 Sport powder (as suggested by Monsieur Kay, sous-chef at Maison d’Reid Parc). I take two bottles on the ride, if it’s a long ride I fill both with Herbalife Prolong (a 7:1 carb to protein formulation that increases endurance whilst reducing fatigue and muscle damage) or, for a shorter ride, one bottle with Prolong and the other with Herbalife Hydrate (an isotonic formulation of minerals and electrolytes to replace those lost through sweat). I also take two of the Herbalife Protein bars which help to prevent me from feeling empty and are a great reward for completing any intervals in my training session.

A little will get you a surprisingly long way. Note the additional sachets of Hydrate which can be used if an extra water stop is required while on the road.

Once back from the ride I use my Herbalife 24 Protein Shaker (with whisk ball for easy mixing – genius!) to mix up a combination of Rebuild Endurance and Rebuild Strength – I feel this gives me the best combination of muscle repair and glycogen replacement without unwanted bulk. Incidentally the two products combine to give a lovely chocolate vanilla flavour.”

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